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The Gallery HB

For the last ten years, The Gallery HB has successfully proven the beauty of art begins within each talented Artist as an idea...a concept.

If we, the viewer are fortunate, these Artistic concepts develop in draft then resonate into a passionate execution of thought, connection and most importantly - love.

The Gallery HB takes each visiting guest through these artistic steps effortlessly as owner extradinaire; Peggy Howell, shares her genuine knowledge on such renowned Artists as:

Corinne Hartley: sixth generation, California based plein~air artist and bronze sculptor. 

Toreen West: highly sought after and featured portraiture Gallery Artist. 

Dean Torrence: the "Dean of Art". In addition to his GRAMMY Award winning music career, (#1 hits as "Surf City" & "Little Old Lady From Pasadena"), Dean also is known for his artistic side as an award winning graphic artist.

Darren Gygi: delivers edgy impressionism with his modern eye and is constantly commissioned by politicians, notables, celebrities and art directors across the country. 

Clifford Bailey: beautifully executes the marriage of his love for jazz and opera to his breathtaking canvas creations.

Kevin Short: impressionist artist whose usage of light reflection off our ocean's water will simply mesmerize you.

David Wight: through self taught glass scuplting, he captures a moment in time, the beauty, grace and power of water's most dynamic form - The Wave.